Happy Together

We dream of Korea

without an abandoned dog.

Companion Pet Coin

DNA Genealogy System

Domestic unique patented

animal DNA pedigree management system

Companion Pet Coin

Blockcahin Technology

To love of companion animals

add a blockchain technology.

Companion Pet Coin
Patent No. 10-1733917 :
Domestic unique DNA pedigree management system.

Companion Pet Coin is the only company in the country that has patented DNA pedigree management systems.

We intend to establish a management system that is easy to manage and manage by using patent technology to make domestic pets’ real name. We will also use blockchain technology to manage registered information safely and transparently once, contributing a little to the task of solving the social problems of the generation of organic dogs.

About 15,000,000

Current Identified Pet number

About 100,000

The number of organisms that occur each year.

What is Companion Pet Coin?

About us


Contribute to solving the social problems of the occurrence of organic animals

and all services related to pets are provided as one stop.

Why us?

Companion Pet Coin

Real-name project of pets
for Korea without Organic Animals.

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Companion Pet Coin



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Companion Pet Coin

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Private Sale
₩ 3
  • Period : 2019/4/01 ~ 2019/6/30
  • Hard cap : ₩1,000,000,000(Billion)
  • Minimum : 1ETH
Pre-Sale #1
  • Period : 2019/7/01 ~ 2019/7/31
  • Hard cap : ₩1,000,000,000(Billion)
  • Minimum : 0ETH
Pre-Sale #2
  • Period : 2019/8/01 ~ 2019/8/31
  • Hard cap : ₩1,000,000,000(Billion)
  • Minimum : 0ETH

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Companion Pet Coin



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Companion Pet Coin